Last post from civilization . . .

OK – so, I leave in 11 days.  As I tell people about my trip the most common question I get is “are you blogging your trip?”  I’m actually surprised at how many people say they’re interested in following the experience.  I figured I’d just be writing this blog for my own reflection but apparently there are people out there that love to hear about these kinds of stories.  God bless those people.  It’s a heck of a ego boost too, so thank you.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded the WordPress app to my phone.  I also installed a journal app.  The purpose of this journal app is so that I can make quick entries, with date/time stamps and photos, as I’m walking along.  When I get time, I can reflect on those journal entries and be able to write an overview blog.  Of course I’ll cherry pick the successes and “yadayadayada” over the bad stuff.  Whenever I get reception I’ll send what I have.

I’ll be posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram when I get reception.  I have an InReach Explorer – It’s linked with my personal Facebook page.  I’ll occasionally post map links to my location.

I’ll also have a teleporter in case something goes wrong and I don’t want to be in nature, “away from it all” anymore.  Just kidding . . . because they don’t make those, to my knowledge, yet.

Mostly, however, I am going to be in the middle of a “reset”.  I don’t know how often or diligently I’ll be posting.  Rest assured for the two of you who are ACTUALLY following me that I’ll take notes so that when I return I can write all about it.  But really, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to explore my soul because, that’s the point – right?

For my mom, I’ve created an auto-message program that says everything is going fine, no matter what’s really happening.  She worries.


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