The Next Phase

I bought a travel trailer.  I did a lot of research before I did.  I discovered that most manufacturers aren’t that careful and that there are ALWAYS issues with a new build.  I also discovered that buying a used trailer is also wrought with challenges.  But I didn’t learn enough about that prior to buying mine.

I found the trailer on Craigslist and contacted the seller.  After a quick online background check of the seller (Facebook & name search) I discovered that he was a pastor at a local church.  I assigned a level of trust to him that I shouldn’t have.  I also wasn’t informed or discerning enough.  I blame myself, not him.

Immediately I learned that the furnace didn’t work.  The sail-valve was defective.  He said it worked the weekend before he sold it to me…I can’t prove otherwise.  Then I discovered that there was a crack in the skylight and that the outside shower wasn’t hooked up.  All of these issues should have been discovered in my initial inspection.  I didn’t look at the trailer well enough.  That’s on me.  I do wonder how much about these issues he was aware of though.  But, like I said – I should have been more efficient during the purchase phase.

Anyway, my first “boondocking” experiments will happen this March.  I’ll post up along the AZT trying to have fun doing trail magic.  By June I’ll probably be up in the Jacob Lake area.  I have no idea where I’m going to be after that – I’ll be playing it by ear.  I’ll have to find locations with Verizon coverage so I can still work remotely.  I upped my mobile data so I could have plenty of WiFi.

We’ll see how it goes.